The Tunisian Revolution in The Eyes of Teenagers

The Tunisian Revolution in The Eyes of Teenagers

The Revolution of Freedom and Dignity

The Revolution of Freedom and Dignity                                     

No one on the surface of this globe can endure and carry on the dark life and suffering ,but only fear can make us live this critical situation ,however man is still looking for a solution to crash down this feeling and get rid of oppression and dictatorship , and Tunisia has achieved this goal  on 14th /01/2011

Now I have to tell about the level of suffering that Tunisians were living before the revolution .

Tunisian people have never felt the meaning of freedom in the time of the previous government. There was no way to express oneself , no way to develop in  industry and technology because the regime led by Ben Ali has never aimed at solving problems of the country or the public interest , then from facts , the leading family of Ben Ali was plundering the properties and money of citizens and even strangers and the worst is that no one could object , they were betraying the security of the state  in extremely hideous ways , they were killing and plunging innocent people into poverty to keep control and win the whole power of the state.

When  some people who reached to the truth tried to publish all these facts on the internet they adopted control over media , so, anyone opening their scandals is taken to prison and tortured without any pity.

I can’t mention all what this government did to destroy the country and make its citizens suffer. But this is the end of all unjust rulers who take advantage of being in power to plunge the country into corruption and revolution is the best remedy to save their state. As a matter of fact, the Tunisian people were doing the dominos effect to crash dictators of the Arab world then I wish that our world will be free of dictators an develop forever.

                                               Oumayma Fekih Romdhane



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