The Tunisian Revolution in The Eyes of Teenagers

The Tunisian Revolution in The Eyes of Teenagers

Class Survey

The Classroom Survey --Getting to Know You!

Circle Name: Places and perspective

Class Name: Twinkling stars


A. Name of teacher: Besma Maraoui

B. Grade level: 9th form

C. Class favorites (List your class top 5 favorites in each category):

1. Music groups: Amy Mc. Donald; Bendirman(Tunisian); Johnson Brothers; Slayers; Living Legends; Delahoja

2. Authors: Charlotte Brontei; Jacques De Lacretelle; Shakerpeare; Jules Vernes; Taha Houssine.

3. TV programs: Arabs got talents; The monument of truth; Game Over; Doctors; the News.

4. Foods: Pizza; Spaghetti; Lasagna; Roast chicken; sandwiches;

5. School subjects: Maths; Sciences; English; Physics; French;

6. Sports: basketball; Tennis; Swimming; Cycling; football

7. Video or computer games: left for death; counter strike; World of War-craft; Call of duty; PES 2010.

8.  Favorite Websites:; Google . com; Electronic news; download. Com; Badoo

9. Other Class Favorites of your choice: Making 3D films; Drowing


A. School information

1. Name and address of class and school: The Model Junior High School

                                                                           Sadok Mzali Street, Monastir

2. Number of students in class and school: 520 pupils (size of the class between 22 and 28)

3. Size of school: 5000 m2

4. School emblem, colors or mascot:

See the photos






5. Type and number of computers: 50 computers intel / inside celeron processors among which 15 are laptops

6. School history: It’s a preparatory school that teaches 3 levels: the 7th, 8th and 9th forms. It started in September 2007 with only one level, the 7th form and each year a new level is added. Last year was the first promotion to go to secondary school. Only a few joined normal state schools. The rest went to The Pioneer Secondary school.

B. School program

1. List 3 things about your school program that make it unique.

2. List school calendar from the session dates (holidays and special

events that may affect your participation).:

We will be on holidays for 15 days starting from 20th , March to the 3rd April. There are also separate days off in national days and religious occasions. But this may not affect the work hopefully. The only obstacle may be delaying postings because the work is done in a form of club which meets only on Friday. This may explain my delay in posting. And we’ll do our best to avoid it.


A. Your community

1. Name of your community: Monastir is a quite big town. It’s the centre of a gouvernerat. However, students come from different neighbouring towns in the region because not all towns have pioneer schools.

2. If not a city, name and size of nearest city

3. Location of your community: On the Eastern coast of Tunisia

4. The area of your community: 6.500 hectares and skirting a coast of 6 km

5. The population of your community: 59.000 Inhabitants.

B. Special characteristics

1. List 3 reasons why people come to visit your area: The sea, the hotels and

                                                                                     historical sites

2. Describe any unusual land formation found in or near your community.

C. Industries

List major industries or occupations in your community.: textile industry, Fish and furniture industries.