The Tunisian Revolution in The Eyes of Teenagers

The Tunisian Revolution in The Eyes of Teenagers

Meditations on the day of the REVOLUTION

Meditations on the Day of the REVOLUTION

 On the 14th of January 2011 Ben Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia after his miserable speech the night before. People were very happy for the unprecedented freedom. A state of emergency started in whole country but it wasn’t inforced .

In fact ,it was replaced  by a state of solidarity because in the absence of the police there was a state of chaos so people everywhere had to protect their neigbourhoods day and night from burglars who profited from the situation .

This resulted in feelings of conflusion because this excitement of freedom and getting rid of the government’s power and its oppression was mixed with a feeling of insecurity in the absence of the police and order . Many people acted freely and without any sence of responsibility . Our people are not mature enough and aren’t accustomed to democracy. This condition shouldn’t last otherwise we will get lost.

                                                         “ Adem Shfayer


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