The Tunisian Revolution in The Eyes of Teenagers

The Tunisian Revolution in The Eyes of Teenagers

Injustice Gone forever

In the 14th century, the Arabs were on top of all knowledge but in the 16th cetury, they started regression. The major reason is our selfish rulers who have always benefited from their being in power to satisfy personal needs. However, the Arabs now got up from their coma and protested against their oppressors; and the beginning was from Tunisia. During the rule of the previous president, people suffered in silence. They were victims of inequality between regions, unemployment and intimidation. Under-previledged regions suffered the most and no one could express or claim anything for fear of being oppressed or emprisoned. There was no freedom of expression and no law to protect them in case they are accused even unfaily. On the other hand, the ruling family exercised total freedom and were involved in all types of corruption without anyone daring to even mention what was happening in all the fields and throughout the whole country. They bought companies for symbolic prices and forced their owners out and drove them to bankruptcy. There wasn’t even a bit of integrity or credibility in the elections nor in any other domain. Corruption was prevailing in all administrative services and reached the mass-media and journalists were singing and dancing with the wind and ignoring people’s complaints and rage. This created a big gap between the mass-media and the Tunisian citizens. People became coscious and doubtful about what the media said. By the time the situation got worse and worse and people couldn’t stand anymore. So, when Mohamed Bouazizi burnt himself, the tunisian people found it an opportunity to start their protest and get up in a revolution against the masters of corruption. All Tunisians said in one word “GAME OVER”. And when the people take a decision, they can achieve it. Eventually, Ben Ali and his family fled the country and the people won the battle. The 14th of January offered to the people who has long suffered, democracy and freedom. This is manifested in the media as well as in everyday life. The system has changed and the temporary government started to work but peaceful manifestations continued to pass the message that the people will not give up anymore and will say its word at any time. Under pressure, the government bowed once again to the will of the demonstrators. It gave license to many parties; prevented the party formerly in power from work and declared the general legislative amnesty which calmed down the people and started a peaceful atmosphere. However, some social unrest evolved also from the situation due to the temporary absence of the police and the freeing of prisoners in the early period of the revolution, which resulted in frightening the people and stealing properties. Many more people acted in an irresponsible way and appeared more rebellious when they claimed their rights at once and forgot their duties. These negative actions led to the collapse of the economy and put the country in crisis. Fortunatelt, these people are a minority and don’t represent the whole population which is civilized and responsible. Soon, they organized clean-up campaigns and restored what has been chattered in the revolution. I am so lucky because I’m Tunisian and proud because I am young and I say it aloud: “I’m so proud; not only because I am Arab and Tunisian, but also because I am from this rising generation.

                                                                       Nada Grissa




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