The Tunisian Revolution in The Eyes of Teenagers

The Tunisian Revolution in The Eyes of Teenagers

Finally Gone

Finally gone


I can’t stand this state anymore


I won’t waste my efforts anymore

 On this stuff

No more robbery, no more corruption

I can’t tolerate this oppression

Hey come on, I won’t wait more

I want to restore my and your sovereignty

I’m searching for our dignity

So please hurry , and give hand to my effort

To tear out corruption

From the countries administration

It’s time to get up in revolution

Against the administrations’ pollution

I’m ready to sacrifice with my blood

I’m ready to go dead

I won’t give up until I take off the thieves and killers

Don’t worry we are with you

And with any act you do

you are Tunisian and so we are

And we’ll go with you so far

The criminal will regret every one he hit

Every dinar he put in his pocket

We won’t give up our right

And even if we are obliged to fight

Ben Ali’s army soldiers

Did you hear the news

The Ben Alis lose

And the people took the clues

The battle is over

All the people will recover

                                                        Nada Grissa 


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